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Azar Swan

"Dance Before The War"


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Release: 2015
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Azar Swan - Dance Before The War LP

A new sensational discovery are the electronid duo Azar Swan, featuring vocals that very much remind of Kate Bush in her best periods! Originally released as the first official offering from the Handmade Birds digital store, the album's title track appeared exclusively via Pitchfork where it was praised as "prime industrial pop," and Noisey debuted the full album stream. With a limited vinyl pressing, featuring gorgeous artwork and design by Shaun Durkan of the band WEEKEND, Artoffact now brings this acclaimed album out of the digital realm into the physical world for the first time. Azar Swan has played live with Prurient, Bestial Mouths, and King Dude, all in the USA, and they made their European debut last year with a small but extremely well-received tour of Germany including a memorable direct support slot with The Soft Moon at famous WGT Festival in Leipzig.

The vinyl is printed on a stunningly classy blackish bronze inversion of the original digital art, using a special 6/0 colour technique to achieve a wonderful texture. Also includes a printed inner sleeve containing all lyrics + MP3 download code.
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1.A1 Lusty
2.A2 Amrika
3.A3 Dance Before The War
4.A4 Shiksa
5.A5 White Violet
6.A6 The Knife And The Wolf
7.B1 In My Mouth
8.B2 Over
9.B3 No
10.B4 Lovely Day