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Release: 2015
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Baby's Gang - Challenger LP

Challenger is the first and only album from disco project Baby's Gang-one of the most talked about items among collectors of Italo disco. Their first hit tune, "Happy Song", appeared in 1983 and was so beloved by Boney M producer Frank Farian that he included a cover version on their LP "Kalimba De Luna". When it arrived a couple of years later, the full album was a whole platter of hits. After a few more years, in 1988, their final single was the hit "Disco Maniac", after which the creative activity oft he project ended. This MIRUMIR LP, in addition to new mastering and high-quality printing, includes two additional tracks that were not on the original album: the original version of "Happy Song" (recall that in the remix album came out in 1985) and a maxi-version of "Disco Maniac".
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3.Happy Birthday,
4.Disco Maniac,
5.Happy Song,
6.My Little Japanese Boy,
7.Step By Step,
9.Happy Song (Original Mix)