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Bad Sector & Astro

"Idioblast (Re-Release)"


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Release: 2012
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Bad Sector & Astro - Idioblast (Re-Release) CD

In 2005 a small Russian label, Insofar Vapour Bulk, proposed to Massimo Magrini to work on a recording made by Hiroshi Hasegawa (Astro). It was a "drone-like" sound of a few minutes, Despite the difficult nature of the assignment, Massimo loved the very static and cryptic structure of the original.

So, starting from this basic recording (without using additional sounds) he developed a 45 minutes long suite: it was like using a magic audio lens which revealed a myriad of hidden details in a microscopic world. The original Astro sound can still be heard at the beginning and at the end of the suite.

The re-edition comes in beautiful cardboard case with silver-embossed printing.
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