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Bad Sector



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Release: 2011
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Bad Sector - Transponder CD

Each new album from Italy's Bad Sector is an event which is awaited by every second listener of industrial music. And now we have the long-awaited CD version of one of the most interesting albums of Italian master Massimo Magrini! Originally released as a CDR (Blade Records, 1999), "Transponder" was comes in a new format and with additional, exclusive compositions of that period. More than 60 minutes dark, deep, meditative, structured noise- ambient, in the style of "Dolmen Factory" and "Ampos". CD Comes in digipac.
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InfraRot item number:2008.420
Label:Infinite Fog
Label's catalogue number:IF12
1.Negative 5:20
2.Gruhiu 4:37
3.Alexander 1922 5:25
4.Npoi 3:13
5.Ou 4:47
7.Maria 1954 5:53
8.S2000 5:14
9.Pnla 4:33
10.Enemy 9:24
11.Yst 4:54
12.Waal 4:07