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Band Of Pain

"Sacred Flesh"


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Release: 2010
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Band Of Pain - Sacred Flesh CD

In April 2000, the controversial film 'Sacred Flesh' finally premiered in London, before being shown at cinemas across the UK. It was delayed as British authorities had to decide on whether to grant a certificate for screening, or to ban it altogether! Finally, with a few edits they gave it an 18 years+ certificate.

The soundtrack by Band Of Pain creates a very dark, brooding atmosphere to compliment Nigel Wingroves' film. 'Sacred Flesh' is dark journey into realms of mental anguish and repression; a very Black Ambient soundtrack.

This is Band Of Pain working in the medium to which it is most suited. An incredible album with massive demand from both film and music distributors alike.

The CD is limited to 666 copies only!
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Label:Cold Spring
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1.Sacred Flesh
2.Elizabeth, Bride Of Christ
3.Strength To Resist
5.In Media Vita
6.Beat Out Desire
7.Sacred Flesh - Full Extended Version
8.The Ambush
9.The Cell
10.Sister Ann
11.Sacred Erosion