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Bang Elektronika




Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Bang Elektronika - Aktivierung! CD

In the 90ies Bang Elektronika launched a great classic tune with their hit 'Aktivierung!' on the german now defunct label "Hypnobeat". The canada based band combines a strong mixture of musical styles such as Frankfurt Techno/New Beat/Electro-EBM and Neue Deutsche Welle. A strange but strong mixture which makes this band a really unique blend! Part 19 of the Infacted Recordings classic collection brings you this masterpiece with a lot of never befor released bonustracks! The disc is again limited to 1000 copies worldwide in digital remastered format with a running time of more then 75 minutes! Be fast!
InfraRot sales rank:-
InfraRot item number:2806.000
Label's catalogue number:FACT 3181
1.Aktivierung (Nacht Mix)
2.Krieg Live Via Satellit (Gray Room Mix)
3.Flasche In Der Hand
4.Tanz Des Lebens
5.Aetzend (Machine Gun Dub)
6.Versuchung (Temptation)
7.Grosstadt Melodie
8.Elektronischer Blitzkrieg
11.Allein Gegen Alle
12.Music To March To
13.Aktivierung (Rekon Mix)
14.Tripwire Trance (Edit)
15.Love Goddess Assembly Line (Edit)