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Barbarossa Umtrunk/Pale Roses

"La Clairière des Eaux Mortes (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2013
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Barbarossa Umtrunk/Pale Roses - La Clairière des Eaux Mortes (Limited Edition) CD

French projects Barbarossa Umtrunk and Pale Roses have allied to honour the memory of Raoul De Warren (1905-1992), a great but overlooked French novelist in the genre of fantastic fiction, whose works can compare to Edgar Allan Poe, Umberto Eco or Jose Luis Borges.

Spoken words, reading and declamation over epic soundscapes and occult atmospheres by Barbarossa Umtrunk (with special guests Schattenspiel, Elli Riehl & Marc-Louis Questin). Traditional neofolk in the vein of 70’s misfits/mystiques (Perry Leopold, C.O.B.) by Pale Roses.

A unique journey from the pagan heart of old Europe to the blazing stars of Saint John’s Apocalypse. Limited edition of strictly 300 copies!
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Label:Old Europa Café
Label's catalogue number:8016670102731
1.Le Pays Perdu (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
2.La Chapelle Des Marais (Pale Roses)
3.Gwer Nemeton (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
4.Have You Been Here Before? (Pale Roses)
5.A L'ombre Des 7 Cromlechs (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
6.Le Village Assasin (Pale Roses)
7.Le Secret Du Marécage (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
8.Gates Of Hell (Pale Roses)
9.Cantlon Vindoseni (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
10.La Nativité Julienne (Pale Roses)
11.Les Chavaliers De L'apocalypse (Barbarossa Umtrunk)
12.La Grande Courtisane (Barbarossa Umtrunk)