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Barbarossa Umtrunk

"La Fraternité Polaire"


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Release: 2013
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Barbarossa Umtrunk - La Fraternité Polaire CD

Twilight Records is proud to presents a new bombastic & ritual piece from the French Martial Industrial act Barbarossa Umtrunk! The album features guests & fiends from projects Schattenspiel, Spreu & Weizen, Vir Martialis and French novellist Jean-Paul Bourre!

A hermetic trip that imerges us through Tribal & Frozen soundscapes, to Martial Neoclassical, Ritual-Noise and Military-Pop and explores the illuminating concepts of Esoteric Gaullism & Eurasian “Lebensraum”, inspired by metahistorical & geopoliticals perspectives taken from many writers and philosophers. “La Fraternité Polaire” is a sacred hymn to the Polar Man, a Man of Steel anchored in the Tradition, among the ruins of Kali Yuga, a Warrior-Priest in the service of the unchanging Polar dimension of the Star of the Invisible Empire which stays up above heavens.
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1.Orientation (Feat. Jean-Paul Bourre)
2.Autorité Spirituelle Et Pouvoir Temporel
3.Les Compagnons Secrets Du Général Degaulle
4.L’Epée De Justice Et De Verité
5.A La Gloire Du Sacré
6.Les Noces Polaires
7.Vive Le Quebec Libre!
8.L’Ordre Des 45
9.Ars Regia
10.L’Empire Du Milieu