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Beborn Beton

"A Worthy Compensation"


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Release: 2015
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Beborn Beton - A Worthy Compensation CD

Seven years in the making, Beborn Beton's new album "A Worthy Compensation" is a masterpiece of electronic pop - deep, timeless and melancholic with some well-dosed pathos. Songs and lyrics get under the skin in the long run, not least thanks to Olaf Wollschläger, who emphasises their strengths in an exceptional manner.The album is immediately accessible but reveals its entire potential only after repeated listenings. Also, the band harks back to its stylistic past despite the long pause. Due to Stefan Netschio's trademark voice and Stefan Tillmann's nifty songwriting, each track conveys a unique atmosphere without sounding rushed or forced - a rare thing for music from this genre. In this way, Beborn Beton naturally bridge the gap between the 1980s and current productions.This is the stuff masterpieces are made of.
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1.Daisy Cutter
2.I Believe
3.24/7 Mystery
4.Anorexic World
5.A Worthy Compensation
6.Last Day On Earth
7.She Cried
8.Was Immer
9.Terribly Wrong
10.Who Watches The Watchmen