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Beborn Beton

"Darkness Falls Again (Limited Edition)"

2CD · Book

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Release: March 2023
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Beborn Beton - Darkness Falls Again (Limited Edition) 2CD

2CD Book (48 pages, hardcover, 18x18cm) incl. bonus CD with 8 exclusive bonus tracks

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1.My Monstrosity
2.Dancer In The Dark
3.Last Chance
4.Trockenfallen Lassen
5.I Watch My Life On Tv
7.Burning Gasoline
8.I Hope You're Not Easily Scared
10.The Day Before Everything Breaks Apart
11.Dancer In The Dark (The New Division Remix)
12.Last Chance (Man Without Country Remix)
13.Dancer In The Dark (Club Mix By Olaf Wollschläger)
14.Electricity (Unify Separate Remix)
15.My Monstrosity (Sydney Valette Remix)
16.Dancer In The Dark (Piston Damp Remix)