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Begin Says ...

"Printed & Lost 1983-1991"


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Release: 2015
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Begin Says ... - Printed & Lost 1983-1991 2CD

Genre/File under: New Wave, 80s Electropop

This double-CD not only contains the only official album recorded by this French Electro project, but also their tracks to the ‘Essai’ album, a complete ‘Lost’ album and several bonus-tracks, Demos etc.

Founded between late 1982 and early 1983 by Benjamin Ritter & Laurent Saïet – after 5 months with a drummer, Begin Says… finally opts for a drum machine that best suits their minimalist and repetitive music. After a dozen titles composed, they are active live from late 1983 and in 1984 they expand their repertoire and record a 1st commissioned music for choreography, which will become a regular activity in their existence – as well as composing music for movies or plays.
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2.The Begin
4.Lenine Said
5.The Bridge
6.Viva Los Gi’S
7.Medical Obsession
9.Sado’S Way Of Life
10.Mother-The Earth
12.Rock Star
13.Beautiful Days
14.Amd 15 Cycle
15.Hi, We Are Begin Says! (Demo 1983)
16.The Hell (Demo 1983)
17.Pièce Électronique #2 (Demo 1985)
18.Medical Obsession (Demo 1987)
19.Leçon De Choses #1 (1987)
20.Lagardère #6 (1989)
23.Kansas City
24.Il Valentino
25.Waterloo/power Render
26.Le Dormeur Du Val
27.Strana Sei Tu
28.The Zoo
29.Fiore Di Gioventù
31.Sunday Murders
32.Music In D
33.Frankie (Extended Version)
35.Sado’S Way Of Life