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Veröffentlichung: Februar 2020
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Belavist - Belavist CD

Style: Synthpop/Electro/Brazilian Rock Physical release is strictly limited to 300 copies! Created by the end of 2018 by the singer Pulga Joe and the musician, producer and keyboard player Hans Zeh, Belavist is a synth-pop/electro/rock duo, that brings in its songs a lot of the social and cultural plurality of the São Paulo megalopolis. Everything you see in the paulistan maze: social shocks, urban art, manifestations and the fight for gender and race equality, as well as the political scenery in Brazil, shall be heard in a dancing, contestant way, when you get in touch with this sound. Belavist's name is a tribute to the paulistan neighborhood Bela Vista, and the vanguard it has presented to Brazil in the beggining of the 80's with its nightclibs and discos in a musical scene of rock, pop, punk and synth to the max. The duo brings in its sound's bagage Pulga Joe's independent rock career entire history added to the electronic brain and experience in various musical projects by artist Hans Zeh. In July 2019, Belavist released a Maxi-Single, with the title of their debut song, "Quem são seus Heróis?", Which brought together two music videos: the title song, and also the song "O Valor do Silêncio". Take the pill and join the maze!
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Label:Wave Records
1.Humanidade Suburbano
2.Quem São Os Seus Heróis
4.(Num Instante) Tudo Parece Mudar
5.Os Brasileiros São Robos
6.Museu De Arte Moderna
7.Tente Entender
8.Animais Noturnos
10.O Valor Do Silêncio
11.Hip Hop Suburbano