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Binary Park

"Life on Lines"


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Release: 2018
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Binary Park - Life on Lines CD

Binary Park’s new album "Life on Lines" is more about the songs than ever before. The complex Binary Park electronics still shimmer with threat but the new album rides the fine line between pure dance and dark elctropop. From the hopeful chorus of 'Your Own Great Nation' to the disconcerting shivers of ‘Bad Connection’ and back to the hollow portrait of ‘High Flags’, "Life on Lines" is an uneasy celebration of the deep lows and dangerous highs of our digital existence. Prelude for a ‚Cropper II' and 'Machine Core II’ are voiceless journeys through a digital structure; cold but overwhelmingly, irresistibly rhythmic. For old fans of Binary Park, a remix of 2011’s ‘Welcome Home’ haunts a collection that is Binary Park maturing with familiarity. For newcomers to the band, the album provides vast depth in which to lose yourself for the first time. Good stuff, buy it!
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1.Your Own Great Nation
2.How Strange
3.Croppe Ii
4.Dream Like This
5.High Flags
6.Faith Has Let Me Down
7.The Last Ones Alive
9.Bad Connection
10.Words That Kill
11.Welcome Home
12.Machine Core Ii