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Binary Park



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Release: 2016
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Binary Park - Nothing MCD

After two album releases and one E.P. the german/english band „Binary Park“ returns with their new single „Nothing“. The 5 song maxi-CD comes with five songs and in 300 piece limited format worldwide. „Nothing“ is a quite unexpected almost „pop“ orientated song as complex and electronic as their previous releases. The outstanding voice of singer „Huw Jones“ is again a driving force in the song structure of „Binary Park“. Their mixture of pop, industrial and electronic is hard to compare and leaves a unique blend best described as „Binary Park“ music. Fans of bands such as Haujobb, Torul, Liquid Divine, Depeche Mode or even Klangstabil should throw an ear on this great new release. The physical release (CD) is limited to only 300 unites worldwide.
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1.Nothing (Radio Edit)
2.Nothing (Club Mix)
3.Words That Kill
4.Mute (Silent Mix)
5.Nothing (Slowdown Mix)