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Release: 2014
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Binary Park - Singularity CD

About two years ago „Binary Park“ did debut with their well received album „Worlds Collide“. Followed by the „E.P.“ „The Deviated“ the band managed to establish themselves as a fine electronic artist within the independent scene. Concerts such as „Wave Gotik Treffen“, „Nordstern Festival“, „Summer Darkness“, „Planet Myer Day“, „Nocturnal Cultre Night or „Electronic Dance Art Festival“ as well as various remixes for artists like Haujobb, Torul, Suicide Commando or Pankow did follow and kept the band busy. In early 2014 the recording for the new long player „Singulary“ did start. The final result is a 14 track electronic masterpiece.T he „charming“ voice of singer "Huw Jones" finds it’s way directly into your ears! Quite spherical songs like „Empty Frame“ or „Mute“ shuffle with club tracks such as „Mental Interference“ or „She’s insane“ followed by „mid-tempo" songs in the vein of „Unforgiven“ and „Stormchaser“. A thrilling collaboration with Daniel Myer (of Haujobb fame) results with the song „Humans“ which truly is another highlight of the album! A great new electronic album worth waiting for!

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1.Lab Coat
2.Empty Frame
4.She’S Insane (Distortion Mix)
6.Before The Light
9.A Higher Mind
10.Mental Interference
11.Humans (Feat. Daniel Myer)
12.She’S Insane (Domintarix Remix)
13.Mute (Syndriod Remix)
14.Machine Core