InfraRot Cannibal (c) Pit Hammann
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Release: 2016
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BioMechanical Degeneration - Warbeats CD

The new album was basically inspired by robotic sounds. The idea of new EBM /industrial tracks with pounding beats, dark electro basslines, synthetic sounds combined with robotic sounds was the perfect mixture to create a more powerful follow up to our debut album "Exoskeleton" which was more experimental.

Vince was initiating tracks for ...
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1.They're Coming! 5:18
2.Lies For Answers 5:00
3.Invisible Threat 5:35
4.Machine Men 4:30
5.System's Destruction 5:21
6.Victory 4:52
7.Time For Survival 5:48
8.The Machine Never Dies 5:03
9.Outbreak 5:01
10.In Blood They Trust 6:07
11.Destroy Or Destroyed 5:18
12.Living Dead 4:10
13.A Moment Of Terror 5:50
14.Wasteland (Edited Remix) 6:06
15.Hybridization (Edited Remix) 5:39