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"Fritter Away"



Release: 2010
Status: Sold out
Bipol - Fritter Away CD

Three years after his first album Andreas Brinkert (Bipol) has released his second album entitled "Fritter Away". Brinkert has once again demonstrated his skills of creating moods which range from apprehension and aggression to disarray.

Musically Bipol assimilates classic dark industrial by creating a multitude of hypnotic repetitive sequences, dark drones and mechanical noises that are highlighted with a large variety of complex beats. The twelve tracks include subliminal bits of sound that drift below the surface so that the listener is deeply captivated.

Bipol is supported on three tracks by Tim Kniep (Synapscape) and Andreas Schramm (Asche) and the album's mental intensity is that much more enforced. A superior work of present day industrial music - a sound that forces you to listen - definitely not music to fritter away the time.
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InfraRot item number:2005.669
Label's catalogue number:act241
1.Too Much
2.My Challenge
3.It Makes Me Sick
4.In The Name Of The Workers
5.The Menacing Kiss
6.Talk About My Scream
7.Contest Of Devotion
8.In My Hand
10.Fatal Attack
11.Claustrophobic News
12.Manipulation Now