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Release: April 2023
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Birmingham Electric - Communication CD

Communication" is the long-awaited debut album by Birmingham Electric. Andrew Evans, the mastermind behind the project, recorded and produced the first album "Communication" in close collaboration with music icon Mark Reeder. The result is an electronic album which with its 12 tracks is always reminiscent of the good old sounds of the early 1980s and the New Romantic movement, but also does not lack current influences - a strong piece of electronic music.
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Label:Conzoom Records
1.Your Greatest Fear
2.Moving Target (Mark Reeder's A Marksman Mix)
5.Television Hill (Mark Reeder's Tv21 Mix)
6.How Do We End Up Here
7.Radio Kootwijk
8.The Jungle
9.Light Of The World (Mark Reeder's Illuminating Remix)
10.Wall Of Fire
11.Miss 4Chan
12.Remains Of The Day