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Birthday Party

"Live 1981-'82"


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Birthday Party - Live 1981-'82 CD

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1.Junkyard [Live]
2.A Dead Song [Live]
3.The Dim Locator [Live]
4.Zoo-Music-Girl [Live]
5.Nick The Stripper [Live]
6.Blast Off [Live]
7.Release The Bats [Live]
8.Bully Bones [Live]
9.King Ink [Live]
10.(Sometimes) Pleasure Heads Must Burn [Live]
11.Big-Jesus-Trash-Can [Live]
12.Dead Joe [Live]
13.The Friend Catcher [Live]
14.6" Gold Blade [Live]
15.Hamlet (Pow, Pow, Pow) [Live]
16.She's Hit [Live]
17.Funhouse [Live]