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Blac Kolor

"Nephi (Limited Edition)"


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Release: May 2021
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Limited Edition of 100 Copies!

black is not a color. black is the mixture of all the colors - or the absence of light. the control about the effects is entirely in the hand of one. the fight about their predominance is a battle in a different cosmos. blac kolor is the leipzig-based producer and dj hendrick grothe: dedicated to dark, obsessive rhythmic electronic music.

nephi is classy, ebm dominated & centered integration of dark techno & far-out, noisy electronics. the trademark of the title track is the most heavy beat massacre blac kolor has maybe produced so far. grandiose tunes which manage to build numerous peaks and breaks in a short space of time without ever sacrificing mood for rhythm while the distinction between percussion and harmonic can no longer be made out. a bassy and throbbing ride of classic dark electro, infected by post-industrial noise and ebm-ish sequences - bombastic!
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1.Nephi 05:15
2.Which Side 04:59
3.Gulf Of Misery 06:00
4.Silent Room 04:43