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Black Nail Cabaret

"No Gold (Limited Edition)"


Release: 2020
Status: Ready to be shipped in 7-10 days
Black Nail Cabaret - No Gold (Limited Edition) MCD

"Change is inevitable. Mental or physical, local or global, it’s always happening. Sometimes we have to drop the old skin to give place to the new growing underneath. This song is a daydreamer, but at the same time it is taking action. It was a way of letting go for me, of people’s expectations, of my expectations, of my symbols… to enjoy it a little, you know."

"No Gold" is the precursor of the forthcoming Black Nail Cabaret album "Gods Verging On Sanity". The 3-track single, which is printed as a limited Edition (300 copies only!) version, was supposed to be sold exclusively during the Covenant "Fieldworks Tour 2020", which Black Nail Cabaret were to support and was cancelled due to the "Corona" pandemic.

So now it will fill the void until the album release, being available immediately for ordering and bound to become a collectors item in the long run.
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1.No Gold
2.No Gold /autohooker Mix
3.Veronica /2.oh Live Mix