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Black Sun Productions & Mikael Karlsson

"Phantasmata Domestica"


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Release: 2012
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Black Sun Productions & Mikael Karlsson - Phantasmata Domestica CD

'Phantasmata Domestica', a collaborative work with American classic composer Mikael Karlsson, will be the final Black Sun Productions studio album. Expect something completely different from all previous BSP albums! Mikael Karlsson was writing or co-writing all the music for this album and the final result is a work of wonderful contemporary "classic music" with violins, viola cello and piano... Moreover the lyrics for two of the songs were written and are being interpreted by Lydia Lunch, while other texts are by Nico and Pier Paolo Pasolini. A fantastic final chapter for this special project, that started as a collaboration with Coil.

"It has been a decade ...
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Label:Old Europa Café
Label's catalogue number:OECD157
1.Elements Of Desire
2.Desperate Contract (Lyrics And Vocals By Lydia Lunch)
3.Watching Salò
4.Final Arrangements (Lyrics And Vocals By Lydia Lunch)
6.Abschied (Lyrics By Nico)
7.Quanto Al Futuro (Lyrics Pier Paolo Pasolini)