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Black Sun Productions

"Operettamorale (Limited Edition)"



Release: 2015
Status: Sold out
Black Sun Productions - Operettamorale (Limited Edition) 2LP

Limited double-Vinyl [499 copies] edition in Coloured Vinyl + Original H.R.Giger Poster.

OperettAmorale is Black Sun Production's personal tribute to the poetry of German poet, play-wright and thinker Bertolt Brecht (1898 - 1956). The album is composed of 11 classic Brecht's songs, here revisited according to Massimo & Pierce's irreverent attitude. Massimo & Pierce invited some of their friends to contribute to operettAmorale : - COIL recorded the song A List of Wishes (one of the latest studio performances by Johnn Balance) purposely for this album.

LYDIA LUNCH delivered his incomparable voice for The Ballad of Sexual Dependency – HR GIGER contributed with the cover artwork and a vocal cameo appearance on Seeräuber- Jenny. operettAmorale was produced by Massimo & Pierce in collaboration with Larsen's member Fabrizio Modonese Palumbo, whom also provided some original music and the acoustic arrangements. Among the musicians whom partecipated to operettAmorale's recor-ding sessions are Julia Kent (Antony and the Johnsons) and Marco Schiavo (Larsen).
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1.A1 Brothel Tango
2.A2 The Ballad Of Se*ual Dependency
3.A3 Pimp Ballad
4.B1 Ratschläge (Einer Älteren Fohse An Eine Jüngere)
5.B2 Seeräuber-Jenny
6.B3 Johnny Over The Sea
7.C1 La Canzone Dei Pendagli Da Forca
8.C2 A List Of Wishes
9.C3 Ballade Von Der Höllenlili
10.D1 Über Die Verführung Von Engeln
11.D2 What Keeps Mankind Alive?