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Black Tape For A Blue Girl

"10 Neurotics (US Edition)"


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Release: 2017
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Black Tape For A Blue Girl - 10 Neurotics (US Edition) CD

This US-Edition comes with completely Different artwork and includes a Deluxe 28-pages booklet!

Their 10th studio album reimagines the passion of Sam Rosenthal’s BTFABG in a dark cabaret Setting. The results bear a more considered approach to songwriting: structured, melodic, theatrical and sensually provocative. The album features drums by Brian Viglione (THE DRESDEN DOLLS) and vocals by Athan Maroulis (SPAHN RANCH), Laurie Reader (ATTRITION) and Nicki Jaine.
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1.Sailor Boy
2.Inch Worm
3.Tell Me You've Taken Another
4.The Perfect Pervert
5.Marmalade Cat
6.Love Song
7.Rotten Zurich Cafe
9.In Dystopia
10.The Pleasure In The Pain
11.I Strike You Down
12.Caught By A Stranger
13.Curious Yet Ashamed
14.Love Of The Father