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Black Tape For A Blue Girl

"Remnants of a deeper Purity (Deluxe Edition)"


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Release: 2016
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Black Tape For A Blue Girl - Remnants of a deeper Purity (Deluxe Edition) 2CD

NEW 2016 Version in deluxe THICK Digipak (no digifile!) packaging!

Their achingly beautiful 1996 neo-classical, ethereal, darkwave masterpiece. Intense deep electronics weave beneath passionate vocals and luscious cello and violin arrangements. The results are mesmerizing and melancholy. The 77-minute album is exquisite and stunning. Over 16,000 copies sold * Blacktape's best-seller * Remastered * 2nd CD of bonus & live tracks * 16-page booklet with unreleased band photos. * Sticker.
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1.Redefine Pure Faith 05:19
2.Fin De Siècle 05:55
3.With My Sorrows 07:06
4.For You Will Burn Your Wings Upon The Sun 26:25
5.Wings Tattered, Fallen 06:25
6.Fitful 04:56
7.Remnants Of A Deeper Purity 04:35
8.Again, To Drift (For Veronika) 05:59
9.I Have No More Answers 10:32
10.En La Mar Ay Una Torre 00:59
11.With My Sorrows - Part 2 13:07
12.With My Sorrows - Part 3 06:25
13.I Have No More Answers - Radio Edit 03:39
14.Redefine Pure Faith - Live 04:32
15.Through Sky Blue Rooms - Live 02:29
16.Remnants Of A Deeper Purity - Live 03:57
17.Across A Thousand Blades - '96 03:55
18.With My Sorrows - 2013 Mix 08:36
19.Hidden Track 02:05