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Blackmore's Night

"Past Times With Good Company"


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Release: 2002
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Blackmore's Night - Past Times With Good Company 2CD

Live 23./24.09.02 Schloss Burg Solingen.
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1.Shadow Of The Moon [Live]
2.Play Minstrel Play [Live]
3.Minstrel Hall [Live]
4.Past Time With Good Company [Live]
5.Fires At Midnight [Live]
6.Under A Violet Moon [Live]
7.Soldier Of Fortune [Live]
8.16th Century Greensleeves [Live]
9.Beyond The Sunset (Instrumental) [Live]
10.Morning Star [Live]
11.Home Again [Live]
12.Renaissance Faire [Live]
13.I Still Remember [Live]
14.Durch Den Wald Zum Bach Haus (Instrumental) [Live]
15.Writing On The Wall [Live]