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"Believe You Me (Deluxe)"


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Release: 2017
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Blancmange - Believe You Me (Deluxe) 3CD

Released in 1985, Blancmange’s third album was produced by Stewart Levine and featuresthe singles ‘Lose Your Love’, ‘What’s your Problem’ and ‘I can see it’. The re-release comeswith 12” mixes and non-album b-sides, as well as 8 previously unreleased demos and rehearsals.CD 3 contains a previously unreleased BBC Radio 1 session and a 60 minute BBC live concertrecorded at Hammersmith Odeon in 1986.
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1.Lose Your Love
2.What's Your Problem?
3.Paradise Is
4.Why Don't They Leave Things Alone?
6.Don't You Love It All
8.Lorraine's My Nurse
9.Other Animals
10.No Wonder They Never Made It Back!
12.Lose Your Love [7" Single Version]
13.I Can See It [Extended]
14.Lose Your Love (This Club Mix)
15.Mixing On The Ceiling [Megamix]
16.Side Two
17.A Remedial Course [Demo]
18.Believe [Demo]
19.Scream Down The House
20.Gentle On My Mind [Demo]
21.M Diver (Alternate Dream) [Demo]
22.River Of Life [Demo]
23.Lose Your Love [Extended]
24.What's Your Problem [Extended]
25.Don't You Love It All [Demo]
26.Lose Your Love With Helen [Demo]
27.Reaching Out [Demo]
28.I Can See It [7" Single Version]
29.Lose Your Love In London [Unreleased Mix]
31.Don't You Love It All
32.Lose Your Love
33.Paradise Is
34.Don't Tell Me
35.What's Your Problem
36.That's Love That It Is
37.Don't You Love It All
38.Why Don't They Leave Things Alone?
39.God's Kitchen
40.Lose Your Love
41.Paradise Is
42.Other Animals
43.Game Above My Head
44.Living On The Ceiling
45.I've Seen The Word
47.Blind Vision