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"Functionally Extinct (Limited Edition)"


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Release: February 2020
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Bleakness - Functionally Extinct (Limited Edition) LP

Limited re-issue on Vinyl [on BLACK Vinyl] of the album, released in November 2019 and already sold on on CD – The fastest selling out releases on Icy Cold ever!

Bleakness formed out of a need to express feelings of unease that resulted from witnessing the frustration and desesperation spawned out of an oppressive system. In their beginning, they created fast and tense hardcore punk songs, infused with melancolic melodies.

After a handfull of local shows Bleakness quickly embarqued for their first European tour. During the two following years, between releasing EPs and constantly playing shows, the trio kept busy working on new songs, each new song giving more space for post punk influenced melodies and finally evolving into a ‘Dark Post-Punk’ act.

The Sound on ‘Functionally Extinct’ is a perfect combination of the sadness of early 80's post-Punk, the darkness of classic death rock and the anger of nowadays French dark Wave
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1.A1 The Closing Door
2.A2 Over And Over
3.A3 Grand Promises
4.A4 Towards The End
5.A5 Persistent Inadequacy
6.B1 Anxiety
7.B2 Ruined Trajectory
8.B3 Irrational Needs
9.B4 Deadly Words
10.B5 Ghost Eyes