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Blind Butcher



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Release: 2017
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Blind Butcher - Alawalawa CD

CD: COMES IN DOUBLE GATEFOLD COVER INCL 12 SIDED BOOKLET IRRITATING POST PUNK NEW WAVE KRAUT DISCO DUO FROM SWITZERLANDS NEW ROCK GENERATION IN GLITTER TIGHTS AND A NEUE DEUTSCHE WELLE BEAT CATAPULTS YOU INTO UNKNOWN WEIRD DIMENSIONS THE GREAT ART OF REDUCTION: BLIND BUTCHER is an abstract musical duo from Lucerne Switzerland in GLITTER TIGHTS and a crazy irritating post punk rock attitude. Since 2010, they have been devoted to ROCK'N'ROLL, NEW & NO WAVE, Suicide Disco, Punk, Blues, KRAUT ROCK, NDW or Country Music and creating their very own very Unique DISCO TRASH SOUND. In 2013, they recorded their debut album (produced by Steve Albini in the Electrical Audio Studio in Chicago) and since then the Band played more than 100 SHOWS a year in Europe, besides BLIND BUTCHER they are playing in various projects (Pierre Omer, the Shit, Gray Mole) or producing film and theater music "The Bridge over the River" (Jadwiga Kowalska 2016) "Undine- The Little Mermaid" at Lucerne Theater (Claudia Brier, 2015). On this new album 'ALAWALAWA' (voodoo rhythm records), they create a moronic unabated crazy musical universe they sing in English, German, or GIBBERISH with view word except "ALLES MACHT WEITER" where it only bubbles from text They are from a Generation that wants to be free and CREATE WITHOUT ANY BORDERS and Styles just like in the Title Song ALAWALAWA, they sing it in gibberish or 'STAUBSAUGERBABY' (vacuum cleaner baby) which there is no meaning at all. In the Musical Direction DEVO is present or CAN the German Kraut Rock legend
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