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Release: September 2020
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Blind Delon - Chimères CD

A review by Sónia Felizardo from “Threshold Magazine”: “The cold bass lines and analogic synthesizers of the French machine Blind Delon are back to the radar with a second full-length album cooked on the way. One year after the release of Discipline (2019, Unknown Pleasure Records) Chimères mark a new period in Blind Delon's history. The project led by Mathis Kolkoz (voice, guitar) is now compressed to duo format with Coco Thiburs giving help with bass and secondary voices for a new period of their history. After leading their sonority towards more experimental ambiances in Discipline, in Chimères Blind Delon bet on a strong electro post-punk component with some synthwave influences behind, creating a sound ready to set de dancefloors on fire. With a new bright future being drawn alongside two very influential labels in the European dark-underground scene - Manic Depression and Icy Cold Records - Blind Delon gives us today the first flavor emerging from Chimères through the new "Cigarette" single. The frenetic rhythm-boxes we have listened to in powerful releases such as Edouard (2016) or Maniaque (2017) are back with that contagious musical strings that made them turn into one of the most promising post-synthwave bands of the new generation. Over eight new catchy themes, Chimères marks a maturing process of Blind Delon's sonority with an immersive aura that will make you want to listen to it over and over again. You can start by exploring that sensation through the "Cigarette", below.”
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3.Sinistrose (Feat. Cathedrale)
4.Tes Lèvres
5.Mourir Seul
7.Noire (Feat. Girl Sweat)
8.Tu Vois Le Monde (Feat. Marius Mermet & Paulie Jan)