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Blind Guardian

"Beyond The Red Mirror"


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Release: 2015
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Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror 2LP

Black double vinyl in gatefold.

Even before the dawn of our space age, humanity had the audacity to conceive of ourselves as a life form not bound to the planet that birthed us. More than anything, leaving terra firma required all of our amassed knowledge, talent, and imagination. Such is the case with BLIND GUARDIAN, a band from Krefeld, Germany that refuses to be bound to the genre of music that spawned them and whose accumulated knowledge, talent, and imagination have created portals into senses beyond the five we experience in common, ordinary life.

With that background established, prepare ...
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Label:Nuclear Blast
1.The Ninth Wave
2.Twilight Of The Gods
4.At The Edge Of Time
5.Ashes Of Eternity
6.Distant Memories (Bonus)
7.The Holy Grail
8.The Throne
9.Sacred Mind
10.Miracle Machine
11.Grand Parade