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Blind Vision

"Look At Me"



Release: November 2018
Status: Sold out
Blind Vision - Look At Me LP

Blind Vision is a project started by Andreas Froese (former Club Bizarre / Technoclub DJ), in 1988 and released on New Zone (parent label of Zoth Ommog and Suck Me Plasma) some classic EBM & "Sound of Frankfurt" hits featuring collaborations and production work by Ralf Henrich (Robotiko Rejekto, Axodry), Markus Nikolai (Bigod 20), Sevren Ni-Arb (X-Marks the Pedwalk) and Claus Larsen (Leaether Strip).
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1.Bestialic Beat
2.Tanz Den Teufel
3.Don't Look At Me
5.Don't Look At Me
6.Near Dark
7.Get Out
8.Near Dark