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Blitzkrieg Baby

"Porcus Norvegicus"


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Release: 2014
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Blitzkrieg Baby - Porcus Norvegicus CD

Norwegian industrial project Blitzkrieg Baby’s music is depraved, debased, stylized, brutal, and merciless. Dark, threatening, industrial and carrying traces of artists like NON, early Laibach, and SPK, you will never really know what to expect from one track to the next. ”Porcus Norvegicus” ranges through a full spectrum of menace. From subtle and disconcerting to sledge hammer heavy, to homicidally disturbed, Blitzkrieg Baby is taking trophies, not prisoners. Concentrating more on visceral feeling than driving within the lines of any one genre, the music comes from a place of turmoil and suffering—with a wry, twisted smile never far away.
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1.First Movement, First Kill
2.Pig Boy
3.Disneyfied, Delirious And Hiv+
4.Incinerator Symphony
6.Spe*m Crawling Back Into Its Hole
7.Fu*k Me Like You Hate Me
8.I Never Really Loved Any Of You
9.Children In Uniform
10.The Pig-Shaped Tumor
13.Viva La Morte