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Bloodred Hourglass

"How's The Heart? (Limited Black/White Marble Vinyl)"


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Release: October 2023
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Bloodred Hourglass - How's The Heart? (Limited Black/White Marble Vinyl) 2LP

Bloodred Hourglass, the powerhouse of Finnish melodic modern metal sets out to captivate the metal world once again with their new album “How’s The Heart?”.

Known for their blend of melodic and death metal influences, BRHG have a storied history of delivering impactful music in the metal world. "How's the Heart?" is poised to be a landmark release in the band's discography, showcasing their evolution as musicians and promising to be another testament to their musical prowess by drawing listeners into a narrative of intense energy and the signature brutality that has become synonymous with Bloodred Hourglass.

The new album “How’s the Heart?” will take you through the stages of grief with the perfect blend of aggression and beauty, breaking the boundaries of genres with a developed and dynamic, modernized sound still tied to BRHG’s traditional Nordic roots and signature soundscapes. Their trademark riffing, aggressive drumming, versatile vocals, catchy choruses, and grandeur synths are mixed and mastered by Dan Braunstein (Spiritbox, Veil Of Maya, Dayseeker).
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Of Course I Still Love You
2.In Lieu Of Flowers
5.The Sun Still In Me
6.Song Of Forgotten
9.The End We Start From
10.How's The Heart?
11.Only When I'm Breathing (Bonus Track)
12.Hennessy (Bonus Track)
13.Twin Flame (Bonus Track)