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Bloody Dead & Sexy

"Bad Ambient"


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Release: 2013
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Bloody Dead & Sexy - Bad Ambient CD

  • *Bloody Dead and Sexy*, once known as model students of *Deathrock*, have now become teachers – thanks to their fourth album “Bad Ambient”. Bizarre melodies, unorthodox song structures and terrific hymns are bound to get the worldwide *Batcave* dancefloors humming. The result is a new sound: *Psychedelic-Deathrock*! *Bloody Dead and Sexy* set new benchmarks in the musical landscape of today, mixed with sounds of the 80s. This time, no less than *Gitane Demone* is involved – Goth-hero and former front singer of *Christian Death*. *Psychedelic-Deathrock*, here it comes!
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Label:Alice In
1.One By One
2.Never Street
3.Baby Moon
4.Gloom Within
5.Plastic Night Sky (Feat. Gitane Demone)
7.Torn Velvet Blues
8.Home Is Where My Heart May Rest
9.Something Real
10.Bring Out Your Dead
11.End Of The Night (The Doors-Cover-Version, Feat. Gitane Demone)
12.Wasting Time In Berlin (Feat. Kenton Holmes)
13.House Of Common People