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Blue Eyed Christ

"World On Fire"


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Release: June 2020
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Blue Eyed Christ - World On Fire CD

Blue Eyed Christ is the combination of heavy industrial rock mixed with personal lyrics and a balance of hooks & noise Blue Eyed Christ is the Electronic Industrial Rock project of established Producer/Engineer John D. Norten. John has worked with many of the biggest artists in music helping them achieve their visions (Lady Gaga, Prince, Fergie, Dr. Dre) In contrast, Blue Eyed Christ is 100% John's artistic vision in the studio. That vision is the visceral combination of heavy electronic industrial rock mixed with personal lyrics and just the right balance of hooks and noise. Blue Eyed Christ is the combination of John's experimental Chicago Trax background mixed with the pop and polished sheen he brings to other Artists. In 1991, while still in his teens, Chicago's John D. Norten signed his first international recording contract under the band name Blue Eyed Christ to famed Belgian EBM label KK Records. The first Album, Leaders + Followers, was released that same year. Blue Eyed Christ still enjoys a loyal following today and Leaders +Followers is considered an EBM classic. In 1995 John recorded the second Blue Eyed Christ Album, Crash while working at Chicago Trax Recording Studios. At the same time he assembled an intense live band that helped further create a buzz throughout the music industry. 2002 saw the release of the third Blue Eyed Christ album, American Whore, with a new Los Angeles Live band taking on the underground club circuit. With a new studio savvy, 2014 saw the release of A Rush and a Thrill, a whirlwind ride straight into the world of Blue Eyed Christ. Eric Zimmerman (Soundgarden, Nine Inch Nails, Ministry) directed the decadent "Freakshow" concept video short recorded on Halloween of that year. A chance meeting at an art event in 2015 led to the formation of Trash Deity with Grovvie Man (My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult). Metropolis Records caught wind and released the debut Trash Deity Album, Cross & Divide, Sept 2018. -High Profile Appearance on This Summer's Electronic Saviors Vol 6:Reflection Boxset -First new album in 6 years -Will Appeal to Fans of Wax Trax Era Industrial Music -En Esch (X-KMFDM) and Mea Fisher (Lords of Acid Appear on the Title Track
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1.Stop The Show!
2.America H
3.Manic Adderall (Nation Of The Damned)
4.Massive React
5.Take It To The Streets
6.World On Fire (Feat. En Esch & Mea Fisher)
7.The System Pt. 1
8.The System Pt. 2
9.The Wait Is Over (Feat. Swindy)
10.The Slow Reverse