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Blue Öyster Cult

"Bad Channels (OST)"


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Release: 2015
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Blue Öyster Cult - Bad Channels (OST) 2LP

Colored vinyl (blue/black) - First time on vinyl! A must have for BOC and horror fans! After 11 years of touring, Rock Legends Blue Oyster Cult went back to the studio to compose and original score for Bad Channels (1992). Double vinyl, one record blue, the other black!
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1.Demon's Kiss
2.The Horseman Arrives
3.That's How It Is
4.Jane Jane (The Hurricane)
5.Somewhere In The Night
6.Blind Faith
7.Manic Depresso
8.Mr Cool
9.Myth Of Freedom
10.Touching Myself Again
11.Little Old Lady Polka
12.Bad Channels Overture
13.Power Station
14.Power Station Ii
17.Cosmo Rules, But Lump Controls
18.Battering Ram
19.This Dude Is F****d
20.Pick Her Up
21.Spray That Scumbag
22.Out Of Station
23.Tree Full Of Owls
24.Cookie In A Bottle
25.Corky Gets It
26.Eulogy For Corky
27.Spore Bomb
29.Ginger Snaps
30.Moon Gets It