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"Demon Kiss (25th Anniversary Edition)"


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Release: July 2023
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Blutengel - Demon Kiss (25th Anniversary Edition) Box

What started in 1998 as a side project after the band 'Seelenkrank' broke up is now, almost 25 years later, celebrating huge success and giving fans countless goosebump - moments: the Berlin dark pop band BLUTENGEL.

Although the band's 25th anniversary isn't until next year, together with Blutengel we are already starting the celebrations with a very special campaign.

Since most of the early ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.1 Angels Of The Dark
2.2 Forever
3.3 Silent Tears (For You)
4.4 In The Distance
5.5 Solitary Angel
6.6 Love Killer
7.7 Sensless Life
8.8 Navigator
9.9 Stay
10.10 Ice Angel
11.11 Go To Hell ?
12.12 Resurrection
13.13 Frozen Heart
14.14 In My Dreams
15.15 Verzweiflung
16.1 Demon Kiss (Instrumental)
17.2 Second Chance
18.3 Falscher Stolz
19.4 Ohne Dich
20.5 Kingdom
21.6 Intro (Konzertintro 2003)
22.7 Mistress Of The Club
23.8 Forever (Schizophrenia Remix)
24.9 Die With You (Akustik)
25.10 Falling
26.11 Leaving You
27.12 No Eternity (Angel's Dance Mix)
28.A1 Angels Of The Dark
29.A2 Forever
30.A3 Silent Tears (For You)
31.A4 In The Distance
32.A5 Solitary Angel
33.A6 Love Killer
34.A7 Sensless Life
35.A8 Navigator
36.B1 Stay
37.B2 Ice Angel
38.B3 Go To Hell ?
39.B4 Resurrection
40.B5 Frozen Heart
41.B6 In My Dreams
42.B7 Verzweiflung