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"Erlösung - The Victory Of Light (Limited Edition)"


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Release: 2021
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Blutengel - Erlösung - The Victory Of Light (Limited Edition) MC + PEN

For the very first time, a Blutengel album is available on cassette (MC) - and for the authentic retro „listening to a tape“ feeling, the cassette comes with a „mix tape repair kit“ - a pencil with a print-on Blutengel logo!

A new era is about ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Illuminate My Soul
2.Wir Sind Das Licht
3.We Are Not Dead
5.Wer Ist Dein Meister?
6.Deine Dämonen
7.I Am The Darkness
8.Erlöse Mich
9.Wie Sand
10.No Religion
11.Darkness Awaits Us
12.We Fall
13.The Victory Of Light
14.Hand In Hand