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"Erlösung - The Victory Of Light (Limited Glow In The Dark Mailorder Edition)"


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Release: September 2021
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Blutengel - Erlösung - The Victory Of Light (Limited Glow In The Dark Mailorder Edition) 2LP

!!!We are happy to get some of the Limited Mailorder Editions!!!

Recordlovers would prefer the limited colored Double Vinyl (Glow In The Dark) with the noble gatefold bringing the artwork to shine by its pure size. Vinyl will be delivered including Downloadcode.

A new era is about ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Illuminate My Soul
2.Wir Sind Das Licht
3.We Are Not Dead
5.Wer Ist Dein Meister?
6.Deine Dämonen
7.I Am The Darkness
8.Erlöse Mich
9.Wie Sand
10.No Religion
11.Darkness Awaits Us
12.We Fall
13.The Victory Of Light
14.Hand In Hand