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"Once In A Lifetime"

Blu-ray disc


Release: April 2022
Status: Sold out
Blutengel - Once In A Lifetime Blu-ray disc

Home matches always conjure up the sort of special atmosphere that you cannot recreate anywhere else, the main reasons being that the concert is on home turf and in front of an audience that, in parts, has been following the band’s progress from the very start. When earlier in 2013, Blutengel not only got catapulted to an amazing #4 in the German album charts with their album “Monument”, but also faced a tour that encompassed larger venues than ever before, many of them sold out weeks before, Chris Pohl and his band quickly came to the decision that they wanted to record one of the shows for a live release. It is hardly any wonder that they eventually opted for the concert at Berlin’s traditional music hall “Huxley’s Neue Welt”, which sports an ambiance that seemed to fit hand in glove with the monumental performance of Blutengel. Backed by a selected ensemble comprised of piano, strings and percussion, Chris Pohl, Ulrike Goldmann and stage dancers presented their hit-laden anthems in an opulent cinematic sound to deliver a one-of-a-kind-experience. In the completely sold out concert hall in Berlin, the interplay between band and enthusiastic audience resulted in one of those magical evenings that none of the people that attended will probably ever forget. “Once In A Lifetime” captures this extraordinary concert with a lavish production in pristine quality: the audio only double CD version features all 23 songs performed in Berlin (incl. big hits like “Reich mir die Hand”, “You Walk Away” or “Kinder dieser Stadt”) in a massive sound optimized for stereo setups while DVD and Blu-Ray put you right in the middle of the concert for the entire duration of the show with superbly captured images and an extremely immersive 5.1 surround sound experience. DVD and Blu-Ray also feature some highly entertaining glimpses behind the scenes of the tour, as well as the video clips and “making of”-documentaries for “You Walk Away” and “Kinder dieser Stadt.” A monumental performance for your own 4 walls! From the stage straight to your heart: there is no better way to get a grasp on the Blutengel-phenomenon!
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Label:Out Of Line
1.Legend (Intro)
3.Tears Might Dry
4.Willst Du?
5.Vampire Romance
6.All Theses Lies
7.Deine Welt
8.Das Andere Ich
9.Die With You
10.What You Get
12.Behind The Mirror
14.Uns Gehört Die Nacht