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"Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die (Limited Fan Edition)"


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Release: 2023-05-12
Status: New release in 47 days
Blutengel - Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die (Limited Fan Edition) Box

25 years of Blutengel!

New sounds, but still the same guy - With the new album “Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die”, Chris Pohl reflects his whole musical past, but also shows how Blutengel has changed and developed over time.

“Un:Sterblich - Our Souls Will Never Die” is probably the most personal Blutengel album yet, disclosing deep, dark feelings of the past years. Stylistically, Chris Pohl ventures into new directions with songs like “King of Blood”, “Can you see me” and “Ohne Wiederkehr”, but also stays true to himself and his musical beginnings with tracks like “Back for Blood”, “Dark History” or “Shine Again”.

With 25 brand new songs ...
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Label:Out Of Line
1.The Void – Prologue
2.King Of Blood
3.Unsere Zeit Läuft Ab
4.We Belong To The Night
5.The Last Crusade
8.Dark History
9.Kein Mensch
10.Shine Again
11.Living On The Edge Of The Night (A Gothic Anthem)
12.The Prophecy
13.Wir Sind Unsterblich (Alternative Mix)
14.Ohne Wiederkehr
15.Can You See Me
16.Back For Blood
18.Meine Macht
19.Sinful Games
20.No Suicide Song
21.Our Souls Will Never Die
24.She´s Missing…
25.Frei Sein
26.Shine Again (Unplugged Version)
27.Fliegen (Unplugged Version)
28.The Prophecy (Unplugged Version)
29.Nobody (Unplugged Version)
30.Ohne Wiederkehr (Unplugged Version)
31.Lebe Deinen Traum - Das Hörbuch - Version 2023 - Cd1
32.Lebe Deinen Traum - Das Hörbuch - Version 2023 - Cd2
33.Lebe Deinen Traum - Das Hörbuch - Version 2023 - Cd3