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"Encyclopedia Botanica, vol. 1: The Rise of Azalea Artbook"


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Release: December 2022
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Botanist - Encyclopedia Botanica, vol. 1: The Rise of Azalea Artbook 5CD + DVD

BOTANIST are different. When composer, lyricist, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist Otrebor created the San Francisco based band in 2009, he already had a specific lyrical concept in mind that has persisted to permeate all releases until and including today. The songs of this project are told from the perspective of a protagonist called "The Botanist", who is characterised as a crazed man of science that lives in self-imposed exile, as far away from Humanity and its crimes against Nature as possible. In his sanctuary of fantasy and wonder, which he calls "The Verdant Realm", "The Botanist" surrounds himself with plants and flowers to find solace in the company of the Natural world, while he envisions the destruction of mankind. BOTANIST's lyrics are equally informed by scientific nomenclature as they are inspired by Romantic-era poetry, art, and philosophy. BOTANIST are different also in musical terms. In a striking departure from traditional metal instrumentation, Otrebor uses distorted hammered dulcimers instead of guitars. This also makes BOTANIST the first band to adapt magnetic pickups to hammered dulcimer, and perform on stage. Stylistically, the Americans pay tribute to the mentality of some of the pioneering Scandinavian black metal bands' connection to nature, before spinning the dark yarn into new sonic and emotional fabrics. To BOTANIST, the black metal trope about misanthropy and of being alone in the forest is in fact about the woods and its floral inhabitants themselves. Each named plant becomes its own character in the ever growing pantheon of the project's "green metal" discography. BOTANIST sprouted from the seed of their debut double-album "I: The Suicide Tree / II: A Rose from the Dead" (2011) into a tripartite sapling with the addition of ""III: Doom in Bloom"" (2012). From this early growth, their sprawling discography developed into several directions with two further solo-albums forming the stems: "IV: Mandragora" (2013) and "VI: Flora" (2014). In addition to the albums, Otrebor also released several EPs. When the mastermind started to work with a constantly mutating line-up in studio and on stage, he switched from Roman numbers to the marker "Collective", which appears on the following albums, "Collective: The Shape of He to Come" (2017) and "Collective: Setlist 2017" (2017). Feeling that this system was too 'clunky', the "collective" version of BOTANIST released the next three full-length albums under the simple titles "Ecosystem" (2019), "Ecosystem Version B" (2020), and "Photosynthesis" (2020). Currently, BOTANIST are preparing for the recording of their tenth full-length.
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2.Invoke The Throne Of Velthemia
3.Helleborus Niger
5.Forgotten In Nepenthes
6.Aldrovanda Ascendant
7.Chaining The Catechin
8.Dionaea Muscipula
12.Cerbera Odollam
15.Euonymous In Darkness
16.Dactylorhiza Elata
18.Convolvulus Althaeoides
21.In The Hall Of Chamaerops
22.Quercus Lamellosa
24.Sparaxis Of Perdition
25.Feast Of Saussurea
26.Wings Of Antichrys
27.Monstera's Lair
32.Summon Xanthostemon
33.Asclepias Curassavica
34.Strelitzia Reginae
35.Trillium Recurvatum
38.Abrus Precatorius
39.A Rose From The Dead
40.La Fin
41.Quoth Azalea, The Demon (Rhododendoom Ii)
43.Ganoderma Lucidum
45.Ocimum Sanctum
46.Amanita Virosa
48.Matrushka - The Ejaculate On The Petals Of The Femme Orchid Part 1
49.Cult Of Linnaeus - The War Of All Against All
50.Ophidian Forest - Cordyceps
51.Arborist - Total Entarchy
52.Lotus Thief - Nymphaea Carulea
53.Bestiary - It Lives Again
54.Matrushka - The Ejaculate On The Petals Of The Femme Orchid Part 2
57.Nourishing The Fetus
58.Arboreal Gallows
59.Quoth Azalea, The Demon (Rhododendoom Ii)
60.Praise Azalea, The Advesary
62.Arboreal Gallows
64.In The Hall Of Chamaerops
65.Nourishing The Fetus
67.Mandrake Legion
68.Quoth Azale, The Demon
69.Rose From The Dead