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Brain Infect

"Genauso Kaputt Wie Ich"



Release: 2011
Status: Sold out
Brain Infect - Genauso Kaputt Wie Ich CD

The German Dark Electro Project Brain Infect has grown not just with the new member Nick B. (Keyboards, Live Support) also there have been some proper musical steps towards the right direction. The prevalent german vocals are not put through the vocoder again, they prove more lyrical substance in relation to other newcomers and even established bands on the scene. The album appears riper and with a higher quality as the debut from 2009. As a special bonus MC1R and Reizstrom remixed the classic 'Genauso Kaputt Wie Ich' as a special bonus there are remixes of 'Mystified' by Reizstrom and 'What's The News' by Mc1r.
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InfraRot item number:2010.393
2.Und Leben
3.Es Ist Egal
4.Genauso Kaputt Wie Ich
5.Mea Culpa
8.Play Of Insanity (Nekro-mix)
9.Whats The News (Live 2010)
10.Whats The News (Remix By Mc1r)
11.Mystified (Remix By Reizstrom)