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"Jack Davery"


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Release: 2009
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Brillig - Jack Davery MCD

Titled "Jack Davey", the 5 track recording was completed at the end of September 2008 in Hillside Studios with famed SA producer Matt Hills (Wolf & Cub), and is the first release since Brillig's reinvention as a four-piece acoustic act.

The EP was a long time coming for the band, whose previous work (Mirror on the Wall LP 2007) represented an entirely different style. Brillig's new EP "Jack Davey" showcases their strongest songwriting to date, with an unmistakable theme of loss & longing. But proving that "all that's dark is not dreary", the EP is full of enchanting melodies & sweet harmonies which manage to create a strangely uplifting and dreamily romantic atmosphere.

The graceful instrumentation produces alternating sparse & lush soundscapes, making full use of the band's versatile sound and array of instruments: Male/Female vocals, Viola, Banjo, Guitar, Ukulele, Bass, Piano Accordion, Drums, Harmonica & traditional Americana folk instrument, the Autoharp. This release is an original Australia import!
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1.Jack Davey
2.Bird From The Ashes
3.Assorted Fate
4.Phantom's Theme
5.The Frozen Lake