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British Electric Foundation

"Music Of Quality & Distinction Vol. 3 - Dark"


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Release: 2013
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British Electric Foundation - Music Of Quality & Distinction Vol. 3 - Dark CD

Martyn Wares wunderbare Coverversionen-Compilation-Serie "Music Of Quality And Distinction" bekommt nach Volume 1 aus dem Jahr 1981 und Volume 2 aus dem Jahr 1992 nun endlich einen dritten Teil: Volume 3 mit dem Thema "Dark" erscheint bei Wall Of Sound im Vertrieb von AL!VE.

British Electric Foundation ist Martyn ...
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Label:Wall Of Sound
1.Every Time I See You I Go Wild (Feat. Kim Wilde)
2.Didn't I Blow Your Mind This Time (Feat. Green Gartside)
3.Don't Wanna Know (Feat. Sarah Jane Morris
4.Picture This (Feat. Kate Jackson)
5.Breathing (Feat. Andy Bell)
6.It Was A Very Good Year (Feat. Glenn Gregory)
7.I Wanna Be Your Dog (Feat. Boy George)
8.Same Love (Feat. David J Roch)
9.God Only Knows (Feat. Shingai Shoniwa)
10.Make Up (Feat. Boy George)
11.Walk In My Shoes (Feat. Sandie Shaw)
12.The Look Of Love (Feat. Polly Scattergood)
13.Party Fears Two (Feat. Glenn Gregory)
14.Smalltown Boy (Feat. Billie Godfrey)
15.The Day Before You Came (Feat. Max Pokrovsky)
16.Copilot To Pilot (Feat. Kelly Barnes)