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Browning Mummery

"Obiter Scripta"


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Release: 2016
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Browning Mummery - Obiter Scripta LP

L.ed.num 250,Browning Mummery's acclaimed 1984 'Obiter Scripta' album is being released this June by Tesco Archaic Documents on vinyl for the first time. Originally released by several different cassette labels, such as Extreme, between 1984-1994, the Tesco release has been specially mastered for this vinyl pressing, and contains all tracks from the varying releases. 'Obiter Scripta' is described as an essential Australian darkwave/ambient industrial recording, and the original cassette releases are now collector's items--this high-quality pressing from source tape recordings presents Browning Mummery's classic work as it's never before been heard.
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