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Bruta Non Calculant



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Release: 2015
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Bruta Non Calculant - Instinct CD

Coming in 6 page Eco-Digifile. File under: Minimal – Dark Wave INSTINCT is the new Bruta Non Calculant album, after "World in a Tear" (2013) and "La Que Sabe" (2014) and the self-titled four-track 7" EP (2013). BRUTA NON CALCULANT is a musical project of Alaxis Andreas G. weaving in and out of the underground for nearly 20 years. He is known as a precursor for his unique analog electronics songs, his minimal synth music and his esoteric industrial folk projects such as: Le Syndicat Electronique, La Séduction des Innocents, Charles de Frontanel, Shiny Black Mater.

‘Instinct leads the animals all their life. The same process is for the humans until their death. Believe that human is superior to animal is an error. Human kills and procreates for his survival... without conscious! The human doesn't understand the mystic sentence coming from the new testament: "Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood has eternal life". The only one to kill and ourself, our heredity, our ignorance: our own "pig" inside. INSTINCT will give away to intuition...and the return to our tradition will be possible.”

From ‘Les hommes de bonne volonté!"Alaxis Andreas G.
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Label:Dark Vinyl
2.Phoenix Burn
3.You Are With Me
4.Secret Life
5.The Truth Disciple
6.These Voices
7.King Of Street
9.Through The Dark Valley
10.Blood To The Ground
11.In This Land
12.Who Are You
13.Act Bravely
14.The Wolf`s Name