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Bruta Non Calculant

"s/t (Limited Blue Vinyl)"


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Release: 2014
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Bruta Non Calculant - s/t (Limited Blue Vinyl) Single/7

Blue Vinyl. limited edition of 99 copies!!!

BRUTA NON CALCULANT is a musical project of the French duo Alaxis Andreas G. and V-Y. The eclectic musical journeyman Alaxis Andreas G. (also known as Holy X, RU.) has been weaving in and out of the underground for nearly 20 years. He is known as a precursor for his unique analog electronics songs, his minimal synth music and his esoteric industrial folk projects such as: Le Syndicat Electronique, La Séduction Des Innocents, Charles De Frontanel, Shiny Black Mater. V-Y, his blood brother (also known as Dr. E) is the man behind: Swesor Bhrater, Fancy Pants, Age. His first official works were in 2004 for Charles De Frontanel.
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1.You Won't Like
2.Oro En El Crisol
3.The Men Who Killed The Beat