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Burning Gates

"New Moon (Limited Edition)"


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Release: February 2020
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Burning Gates - New Moon (Limited Edition) LP

Limited Edition of strictly 500 copies! By big demand, here’s finally a limited Vinyl edition of legendary Gothic act BURNING GATES re-union album from 2018! Released 17 years after their so far latest album "Wounds" and 2 after "The Ritual will never die" [live Reunion], the Italian gothrock band Burning Gates delivered a new studio album including 7 Brand new tracks, 1 tribute to David Bowie [NOT included on the Vinyl] and 2 alternative versions of tracks by “From the Fire” and “Ordeal by Fire” - two sideprojects of the bands leader and singer Michele Piccolo. The Band released a first album in 1995, followed by 4 more albums, a split 7" with THE HOUSE OF USHER and a 'Retrospective' album on Strobelight Records in 2016.
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Label:swiss dark nights
1.A1 Whatever's Left Of Me
2.A2 Abandonment
3.A3 New Moon
4.A4 Falling
5.A5 Oceans Of Time
6.B1 Fields Of Rape
7.B2 Only The Memories
8.B3 Unbridgeable
9.B4 Eyes